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Acrylic Protective Box for Topps Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 1-15 (Fits 48ct Wax Pack Boxes)

Acrylic Protective Box for Topps Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 1-15 (Fits 48ct Wax Pack Boxes)

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Top quality UV resistant acrylic protective case for Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 1 to 15.

Fits most Topps 48x wax packs boxes from the 80's.   

Product Details:

- UV protection 98%
- Acid Free
- Crystal clear
- Bevelled corners and edges
- Sliding short panel 
- Thickness: 5mm
- Weight: 700g

When you open the box for the first time, there may be a strong smell of glue. Simply air the box for a few moments. The smell does not affect the content in any way.

Acrylic is a very fragile material. Despite all the care taken, there may be minor marks on the surface. If the surface should show traces, we advise to clean it with a microfiber cloth

Shipping & Returns

8-15 business days tracked shipment.

30 days return policy.

Care Instructions

Acrylic is a very fragile material and can get easily scratched. Please handle with care.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Everything fits perfectly!! Can’t wait to convert all my collectibles to this storage protection

Patrik Wolfe
Awesome cases

Highly recommend purchasing from this company! Super awesome cases with excellent communication! Thanks again!

Imperative OS1 Box Case

Pricey, but so is an OS1 Box, and this will be the ultimate protection. Fits BBCE authenticated boxes as well.

GPK OS Box Case

Case arrived well packaged and within a few days of ordering . Case was flawless and my OS GPK custom Series 16 box fit perfectly. Very pleased with quality and look. I recommend this case to protect your OS boxes whether empty or 48 packs full.

Alf Longstroke
Satisfied client

100 Percent Satisfied with the cases. I've bought about 20 with no issues. All wrapped and shipped well. Definitely recommend these.