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Acrylic Display For 9 Standard Size Cards. 'Rainbow' Frame.

Acrylic Display For 9 Standard Size Cards. 'Rainbow' Frame.

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 9-card frame with black backing to blackout the gaps so to appear seamless.

This frame displays 9 cards horizontally or vertically. High quality acrylic 3-layer frame.

Adapted to standard cards such as Topps - MTG - Pokémon, etc.

This frames comes with... only 4 screws! And for those who wonder; your cards WON'T slip down.


  • FRONT: 1x 2 mm transparent acrylic sheet
  • MIDDLE: 1x 2mm mm black acrylic frame
  • BACK: 1x 2mm transparent acrylic sheet with black printed (silk print) frame
  • 4x wall mounting screws included
  • Your cards fit in place and don't slip down
  • Width: 6 MM (0.2 IN)
  • Height: 230 MM (9 IN)
  • Length: 311 MM (12.44 IN)
  • Weight: 450 G
  • Material: Acrylic Poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA)
  • UV Resistance: 99.7% 


Shipping & Returns

8-15 business days tracked shipment.

30 days return policy.

Care Instructions

Acrylic is a very fragile material and can get easily scratched. Please handle with care.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Clinton Yeager

so clean!--- great display and even better visibility. These are by far the front runner. In a world of sub par products, Acrydis reminds me of the old days when things were BUILT BETTER

Alfredo Carrasco
9 card rainbow frame

I love the 9 card rainbow frame it wasn't what I was expecting but the product is still a great display. I originally ordered it to put my sapphire rainbow in but when it arrived i tried to use penny sleeves so that they wouldn't go in raw. The problem with using penny sleeves is the cards didn't hold they would slip through the frame. I realized that you have to put the cards in raw. For me that's a little to risky so I used my sketch cards and it worked perfectly.

Alastair Phillips

The best 9 holders on the market. Perfect display to keep your cards safe in a stylish frame

New home of my MAD MIKE collection

I've just received two 9-card frames to store my Chrome 1 and Sapphire collection of my MAD MIKE cards. The cards look really great in these new frames!