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12 Double Sided Pocket TopLoader Binder | Fits 288 TopLoaders | 35pt & 55pt

12 Double Sided Pocket TopLoader Binder | Fits 288 TopLoaders | 35pt & 55pt

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12 pocket top loader binder

The 12-pocket double sided binder that FITS regular size 35pt & 55pt toploaders! Now available at Acrydis.

With the capacity of 288 toploaders, this quality PU leather binder is THE ultimate binder you need for your Garbage Pail Kids high end collection.

Note that it is supposed to fit 288 35pt toploaders. Even though it fits 55pt up until 60pt it will not be possible to fill it up completely with 55pt/60pt.

DESIGN: Dark grey PU leather with debossing logo. Our binder has a flat side with a small plastic pocket where you can insert a label. The color of the zipper is red, in reference to the color of the GPK logo.

GIFT: With each binder you’ll get a FREE GPK banner silicon zipper puller!!

QUALITY: Made from archival-safe, acid-free non-PVC material, all pages are padded for reinforcement and preservation of cards. The plastic pockets are thick, clear and resistant.

LARGE CAPACITY: Our binder includes 12 double-sided sewn pages that hold up to 288 3''x4'' Top Loaders (35pt).

PRODUCT SIZE: 325/395MM - 12.5/15.55''. Weight: 1.5KG/3.3LBS



FREE GPK BANNER ZIPPER PULLER WITH EACH BINDERgarbage pail kids banner silicon zipper puller

If you are interested in distributing this product in the U.S. please send an email to

Shipping & Returns

8-15 business days tracked shipment.

30 days return policy.

Care Instructions

Acrylic is a very fragile material and can get easily scratched. Please handle with care.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

These are awesome! Quality is top notch

Bryan Redlund
Absolutely the BEST

This is a very well built binder. Cards fit very tight and snug. Definitely buying more