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Topps Chrome Hobby Box Protective Case

Topps Chrome Hobby Box Protective Case

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5mm thick UV coated acrylic protective case for Topps Chrome Hobby Box.

Fits Topps Chrome Garbage Pail Kids, Formula One, UFC Hobby boxes.

This case has a back sliding lid and beveled edges & corners.

Product details:

- UV Protection

- Back sliding lid (no magnets, no screws)

- Beveled edges & corners

- Weight: 850g

- Size (inner): 230x140x33 mm

- Thickness: 5mm

- Material: cast acrylic

- Individual packaging 


All cases are handmade. Glue is used to seal the parts.

Tip: Air the case for a while to get rid of the glue smell. The smell does not alter the product in any way. 

Shipping & Returns

8-15 business days tracked shipment.

30 days return policy.

Care Instructions

Acrylic is a very fragile material and can get easily scratched. Please handle with care.

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Customer Reviews

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Collectors Box

As Garbage Pail Kid collectors we came across the Acrydis display boxes on a Garbage Pail Kid Facebook group.
For GPK collectors you can purchase boxes for the holy grail OS1 box to the coveted sapphire boxes. They can also be used for Pokemon, UFC, you name it. If they don’t have one made for your collectible box, you can request a quote from Steve to make a quantity of a custom size for you.
I like that they are crystal clear, with an easy slide door, that allows your boxes to be displayed on top of each other without being crushed. #acrydis #gpk #garbagepailkids #pokemon #UFC #chrome #sportscards #topps