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Protective card sleeves 91x193mm. For triptych sketch cards or triple standard cards.

Protective card sleeves 91x193mm. For triptych sketch cards or triple standard cards.

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Protective card sleeves especially designed for your triptych sketch cards, or triple standard size cards.

Made with acid-free polypropylene, this clear and resistant 91 x 193mm sleeve is what you need to protect your beloved sketch cards. 

And here are the toploaders that go with it --> CLICK HERE

Shipping & Returns

8-15 business days tracked shipment.

30 days return policy.

Care Instructions

Acrylic is a very fragile material and can get easily scratched. Please handle with care.

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Customer Reviews

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Items were very slow to ship took 1 month to arrive. For the most part quality was good. My trip card sleves were just thrown in the box loose and arrived warped like W's now . Didn't bother contacting consumer service well because I don't want to wait another month for the items to ship. Just give a 3 because the quality is there but the price is high and the wait time is pretty long. Most likely just go with ultrapro or BCW cheaper and faster shipping

Hi Ryan, thanks for your feedback. I am sorry that your card arrived warped, I'll make sure it won't happen again. You should have contacted us earlier, I would have been happy to send a new pack for free of course.

I see that it took 2 and a half weeks to be delivered. Shipping time can vary as per our shipping policy. Note that it usually takes 8-12 days.

As you might be aware, Acrydis isn't the same size as BCW or UP (it's a one man show) and indeed prices are higher for reasons I'm sure you can understand. I don't think BCW or UP make these sleeves but I might be mistaken.

I hope that besides the warped sleeves you are satisfied with the other products you received, I will be happy to know your feedback about these as well.
- Steve