Tom Bunk

Tom Bunk (born 17 December 1945) is a cartoonist known for adding multiple extraneous details to his posters, cartoons and illustrations created for both American and German publishers.


In 1973, he moved to Berlin, where he began rendering humorous subjects in oil paintings. After selling these paintings in three successful shows, he turned to cartooning and contributed to underground comics in 1976.

His cartoon creations appeared in the 1970s in the satirical German magazine pardon, and in other European magazines and anthologies. After collecting his comics in three books, he moved to New York in 1983 and began working for Raw, the graphic story magazine edited and published by Françoise Mouly and Art Spiegelman. He created Topps trading cards, including Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids. In 1990, he became a regular Mad cartoonist, and his contributions have led some to regard his work as a continuation of Will Elder's cartoons.

In 2015 he was presented with a Lifetime Work Achievement Award at the Munich Comic Festival, and the Reuben Divisional Award for best cartoonist in 2018 in the United States.

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