Mike Stephens

Mike Stephens is a graphic designer, specializing in print design and pop culture illustration.

Originally from the greater Boston area, Mike got his start as a packaging and display designer for one of the largest golf companies in the world. During his 8 years in the sports industry, he created packaging for many companies such as Apple, Disney, Hard Rock Cafe, Nintendo and much more.

After making a move to Colorado, he then began a 16 year design and marketing position within the industrial irrigation space, while freelancing for companies across the nation. During this time, Mike began to put some focus on illustration.

Combining his love for illustration and graphic design, Mike took a position as a cover illustrator/designer in the yearbook industry. Mike still loves to create book covers to this day.

Mike’s illustration work with large licenses such as Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Looney Tunes, Stranger Things and Garbage Pail Kids can be found worldwide. Mike’s work has also appeared in magazines, comics and television.

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