Eric Medina

I am a self taught Artist from Orange Art journey started in the 3rd grade drawing cowboys and Indians.

As the years went by I became interested in comic book art & graffitti art.

As the years went on I keep on drawing graffiti and comics.At this time which then transitioned me to going out all over La. and Orange County do legal graffiti murals where’s the owner of the buildings would give me and friends permission to paint.

At this time became more interested in using as many mediums as I could to draw and paint all my art styles.

Airbrush,spraycans,color,pencils,pastels,acrylics and so on.Fast forward to today I currently have been a sketch card artist for Topps/Fanatics,drawing series such as Garbage pail kids ,wacky packs and Star Wars, as well as Upper deck ,marvel and many other numerous projects along with drawing for dynamite comics,Rrc cards and soon a few other companies.

I’ve been very fortunate with my art have my name mentioned in Forbes magazine as 1 of 10 artist chosen to draw sketch cards for a very limited Gpk set California take over as well have my artwork on the cover of At Home Magazine which is sold all over the USA.

I am currently working on numerous projects for Topps and other companies and a very big amount of commissions which at this time with my list I’m currently backed up till 2026.

I hope to keep moving forward with my art and pushing to boundaries with my styles and attention to detail.

Now a days your have to many Artist that don’t pay enough attention to detail and aren’t putting out the best work I believe many of them believe they can.